Friday, January 14

Au Revoir Blog

Dear readers,

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for your support all these while. I have finally decided to close this blog due to time constrain in my RL for my work and studies. It's a very hard decision to make. However, I will still continue to blog at . I do look forward to your continuous support over there!

Bye bye blog.....

Takeshi Ugajin


Ricco Saenz said...

I'll miss you... I'll try to follow you there - and I hope I can see you in SL once in a while at least. Hugs!

Asia said...

Good Luck and Thanks for all the information and effort you put into this blog making it one of my fav to read.

Takeshi Ugajin said...

Dear Ricco, same here :) I am sure you will see me in SL :D

Dear Asia, Thank you so much^^

Suri Christen said...

I think you made a good decision! Don't back off totally from SL though - because we will miss you! x